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Happy New Year!  Happy 2018.
 The beginning of a new year is a time to reflect on what has happened over the past 12 months and to plot a course for the new year.
2017 was a very good year for our Post.  The Clubroom has been busy.  Increased business has made it possible for us to make improvements to our building and grounds.  Even Mother Nature helped us to tidy up the view of Lamar Park by sending a thunderstorm which removed over a dozen old trees from our hillside.  Our view of the park is now mostly unimpeded.
 As we leave 2017 behind, we need to continue to work together to grow our Post. We need to ensure our financial stability by careful management of Post funds. We need to repair and update our building to keep it a safe and pleasant place for members to enjoy a band, a meal, or a cold drink on a hot summer day. We need to reach out to veterans in our community and welcome them to our Post. We need to continue to work with the American Legion Department of Michigan and local Legion Post’s to represent and protect our American veterans.  We need to become the place where people, veterans or not, can turn to for help. We’d need to do all these things.
  But, if we are to do the things I am talking about, we need to grow our membership. Not just the number of dues paying members, but the number of members who are willing to volunteer to do one of the many things that are needed to make our Post work.  We need members to serve as elected officers. We need members to help at Post functions.  We need members to come to our meetings.  
  Roger B. Chaffee, our Post’s namesake, was a volunteer. He volunteered to join 5e Navy and then he volunteered to be an astronaut.  He is inspiration to all of us at Post 154.  I urge all of you, Legionaires, Auxilliary members, and Sons of the Legion, to make 2018 a year of Volunteers.  Let’s do Roger proud.
    Long live the American Legion and the United States.

Semper Paratus