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 Commanders Message

 April 2021 Newsletter Good Day to All, Let me start by saying thank you all for joining and/or renewing your membership in The American Legion and mostly I want to also thank you for joining Roger B. Chaffee Post 154. Starting April 6th we will be having in person meetings. All current members are welcome, or if you know someone who is not a member, invite them to come to a meeting. All they need is a copy of their DD-214 and $45.00. If you have not paid your dues for 2021, please do so and come to the meetings to find out what is happening at your American Legion Post. As we are still dealing with Covid- 19, all meetings will have social distancing, etc. We have not made any longterm plans at this time. We are just starting to put things together for this summer and early fall due to Covid-19. If you any ideas please submit them to us. We are always looking for volunteers. Things Happening in the Future: 6 April- Legion Meeting. Nomination of Post Officers and 1st Vote on New Post Bylaws. (Election of Post Officers is at the May meeting). A copy of the new Bylaws is on pages 4-15 of this newsletter.

Current Slate: Post Commander: Vice Commander.: Post Adjutant: Finance Officer: Fred Youngs Rick Harry John Pike Keith Wakefield Sergeant at Arms: Service Officer: Chaplain: Governing Board Chair: Current: Ron Marsiglia Butch Hogan Governing Board: Board Members: Auxiliary Rep: Pooch Plummer S.A.L. Rep: Dennis Rose Board Members at Large: Rick Harry (If Rick is elected V. Cdr. he will come off the Governing Board) Rich Koster Fred Youngs (PPC) (Has No Vote) Jerry Smith (PPC)

Nominating Committee: Executive Board Members Chair Person: Jerry Smith V. Cmdr. Fred Youngs Dick Van Dyck 13 May- 5th District Mtg. and Voting for New District Officers (Post 305 Caledonia) 8 July - 12 July- Dept. of Mi. Annual Convention and Voting for New Officers and other business (Sault Ste. Marie, Mi.) Our Club Room is Open Daily 2:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. Closing is subject to attendance. Fred Youngs, V. Cdr. Roger B. Chaffee Post #154