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  On March 15,1919, several hundred veterans of the Great War, now known as World War I, met in Paris, France to lay the groundwork for a new organization that would grow into the largest veteran’s association in the world.  The American Legion would work to improve veteran’s benefits, such as health care, education, and pensions.  
   Over the next ten decades the American Legion became more than a veteran’s “club.” It became a major component of our American way of life.  Legion Posts across the nation supported local charities, schools, community centers, hospitals, and youth baseball.  The American Legion created the Boy’s State Program that has nurtured the development of thousands of young men info confident and capable leaders.  One Boy’s State graduate, Bill Clinton, became President of the United States.  Many other Boy’s Staters have served with distinction as military officers, congressmen, governors, educators, and successful business leaders.
  For nearly 100 years Legionaires have dedicated their time and money to keep the American Legion viable and strong.  Veterans from all the wars and conflicts involving the United States have joined the Legion and have made their contributions.
  For 99 years the American Legion has “stood the watch”.  We need to do all we can now in 2018 to ensure that our Legion is “on duty” for the next 99 years and beyond.

Long Live the American Legion and the United States of America.

Keith M. Wakefield, CWO4, USCG (Ret)

PS:   At the General Membership meeting on March 7 nominations for Post Officers will be conducted.  A second opportunity for nominations will be at the April meeting, with the election immediately following. Newly elected officers will be installed at the May meeting.  If you want to make a difference at our Post, think about serving as an officer.  
PPS:  if you haven’t paid your dues for 2018, please do so now.  We are close to 100% and with a little help from you we can get there.

Semper Paratus