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2327 Byron Center Ave SW, Wyoming, Michigan

Roger B. Chaffee Post 154

Governing​ ​Board​ ​Meeting: 16 Aug, 2017,  7:00 PM

Present:​ Chairman Fred Y., Butch H, Larry Z, Rick H., Richard K, Jerry S., Craig D. IPPC, Vic C., SAL, Keith W. Post Cmdr. Pooch. AUX.

 Guests:​ ​Gail E, Ron Marsiglia.

Bar/Facilities:​ ​Motion to approve, subject to audit, Rick/Pooch, Approved .

Old​ ​Busine​ss:​Howitzer needs to be painted.

Little bar to be painted, need bids.

New light pole ordered, Arrow will install.

NE corner of bar soffit needs to be repaired, get quotes.

New​ ​Business:​ ​Snow plowing need quotes, Motion for Gail to approve the lowest bid when received, approved.

Many broken table’s in the Hall need to repair or replace.

Need to reupholster bar room chairs and stools, and Add two stools. Asking for quotes.

Repair kitchen floor.

Need to inventory rifles and return report to the military.

Some​ ​upcoming​ ​events​ at the Post;

Wine and Canvas Beer and Wine Tasting,

Uker and Shuffleboard tournaments.

Chairman closed the meeting at 7:45 pm.

Key log needs to be updated by Fred, Keith and Gail

Back Taxes being addressed by the Cmdr.

Design team for a new bar layout, Gail, Keith, Jerry and Rick. (Spring)

Respectfully Submitted,

Jerry Smith, Secretary







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