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Governing​ ​Board​ ​Meeting: , Oct. 17 th, 2018

Meeting open at 7 PM by Chairman Butch H.

Present; Butch H, Rick H, Richard K, Ken M, Catherine B, PPC Keith W, Commander Bill C, Dennis R (SAL), Pooch (AUX)


Guest; Gale E.

Was brought up that Tips training would be on a Sunday. No date set.

We will have Greeters @ all events. Also have Host for parking lot.

Music needs to be researched for cost effectiveness

Flag light is working, also sign.

Football pkg. pays for itself.

Bands are being told to hold it down.

Bar Finance report given motion made by Pooch, second by Rich K to accept.

Motion passed.

Discussion on rental contract. Butch went into detail. New contract to go to Legion.

Board approved to rent the Hall to anyone. Now goes to the Legion.

Discussion was brought up on children in the Club room. With their need to be supervised.

Meeting closed 7:45 PM


Catherine Buckley

Catherine Buckley